The Three Bears (the 1st story)

All chapters in Spanish, French, German and ESL use this format, although each story has a unique card game. The Teacher's edition also includes scripts of the story as a play and 21 other Classroom activities.

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"... [I] just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Spanish Version of STORY BRIDGES. It was easy to comprehend ; in fact, my 15 year old son used it to help him write 3 paragraphs for his Spanish Class. We both enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and your daughters within the booklet also. I wish STORY BRIDGES had been around when I was in school."

April Montgomery, March 2016

"Your unique program allows students to become active participants in their learning of another language. The many activities, songs and games that you offer are truly a boon to educators who want to engage their students in a meaningful way."

Aileen Dever, PhD/Vice-President CT AATSP,

"This week I received an email from a friend who recently moved to France, included were pictures of deux papillons from the Papillon Jardin!! My kids were thrilled! Right off the menu of Le Rossignol!! We sent back a note to my friend with le rossignol's song about his new home (which my 3 year old loves to sing!) My children 9, 7, 3 have all enjoyed the stories and are really learning the phrases. You have created a wonderful context for application through the stories and the review. Merci beaucoups.''

The Lingle Family